Shan Lin Tsai(status)

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  • Age10

    Became infatuated with Japanese manga, video games, and J-POP.
  • Age19

    Went on a five-day trip for the first time to Tokyo with friends and enjoyed shopping at the fashion street.
  • Age23

    Started working at a food company in Taipei and met my soon-to-be best friend and rival.
  • Age26

    Gradually longed for Japan more and more, and decided to work there.
  • Age27

    Studied at Keio University in Tokyo for a year to improve my Japanese ability.
  • Age28

    Started working at S-FIT after being introduced by a staffing agency and began learning about corporate sales at the Shibuya branch.


There are many friendly people who teach you Japanese, so come visit Japan now!

Shan Lin Tsai message

I think one of the attractions of Tokyo is to learn in a mega city where people of various backgrounds gather. I meet many people of different nationalities and ages for work. Although it is difficult to understand each one of them and their backgrounds, this also broadens my perspective. You might feel worried about your Japanese language ability at first. However, you do not have to worry as people around you would kindly teach you. Please come to Tokyo.

I am growing everyday with the support of my colleagues!

Shan Lin Tsai Job description

I'm working at the Shibuya branch of the S-FIT corporate sales headquarters. At the moment, I am learning in detail how to sell and buy property from senior staff. I answer phone calls from customers, practice how to drive, and internal arrangements before looking at properties. I also interpret for overseas customers. Currently, inbound demand and overseas customers are increasing. Previously, I handled all the tasks by myself for a Chinese customer. Sometimes I use my English ability and support customers from English speaking countries. If there is something I don't understand when I am working, I ask my colleagues for advices rather than pretending I know how to do. I have learned the importance of efficiency and accuracy ; and strong teamwork can be achieved by following the rules, at work. Although it is difficult sometimes to acquire knowledge of the real estate industry, I'm growing everyday through the friendly teachings and support of my colleagues.

I am fortunate to meet and learn from people with various backgrounds.

Shan Lin Tsai Attractive to work in Tokyo

My colleagues and customers are very friendly, and welcome me from Taiwan. They ask me for tips for travelling to Taiwan and ask me to teach them English. I feel happy when people rely on me even for small things. I meet customers of various ages, nationalities, and backgrounds. From these opportunities, I have learned things that I could never experience in Taiwan, such as that I have discovered that there are many people with different ways of thinking, when customers became angry, thanked me, and appreciated me due to a poor or good choice of words.
In Japan, most of the time one apologize first when customers get angry. This is not typical practice in Taiwan. However, it is considered favorable in Japan that one apologizes first and conveys one's sincerity, and I have seen times that business progressed afterwards. One of the wonderful Japanese cultural aspects that I have learned in Tokyo is that people channel their energy for fighting into progress.

I came to Tokyo to catch up with my friend, who is also my rival!

Shan Lin Tsai Background and up to work in Tokyo

Since my childhood, I grew up with Japanese comic books such as "Doraemon" and "Chibi Maruko-chan". When I was an elementary school student, I was so familiar with Japanese video games and music (JPOP), and have always been interested in Japan. At university, I selected Education as my major because of my parents. Thanks to my university life, I once again realized that I liked to help and be connected with people. After graduation, I worked at a food company and then a securities company in Taipei. I enjoyed Japanese dramas and movies, and also studied Japanese culture and history while working, which gradually increased my longing for Japan. The reason that made me definitely want to go to Japan was my best friend, who was also my rival. He was a colleague at the first food company that I worked at. He studied the Japanese language and culture hard, and started living in Tokyo after changing jobs to a trading company in Tokyo. Not only does he have Japanese language ability, but he also understands the way Japanese people think well, hence he is very good at associating with Japanese people. He is one step ahead of me and is a good rival. I wanted to catch up to him and someday go ahead of him. To do so, I decided that it was necessary for me to I study, work, and learn in Japan, and therefore I took the risk of leaving the company that I was working for. Six months later, I came to Tokyo and while studying at Keio University, I started job hunting. I met the company I currently work for after being recruited through the staffing agency that I am registered at.

I am amazed how polite and friendly everyone is I meet in Tokyo.

Shan Lin Tsai Attractive to live in Tokyo

There are many attractions. I have always liked shopping and going to restaurants, and I think it is very easy to shop in Tokyo. After work and weekends, I enjoy eating out with Japanese people and friends from various countries. There are foods from all over the world and shops with character. Since my first visit to Tokyo, I have never had any problems with food. I especially like yakitori and salmon sashimi. Tokyo also has many sightseeing spots and one can visit them anytime. Now I feel very close to the famous Kaminarimon at Asakusa. If one steps out of Tokyo just a little bit, there are many unique places, such as the Shonan beach and summer resorts in Karuizawa, which offer many options for leisure to enjoy holidays. Since my time as a student I have lived in Kitaayase on the east side of Tokyo. The streets of this town are always clean and the town is very pleasant to live in. Also, the people I met in Tokyo are very polite and they help me when I get lost. This was a true surprise! People working at cafes and restaurants offer you a high level of customer service and you always feel satisfied. I would like to search for more attractions in Tokyo that I have yet to discover.

Interviews with Corporations

CEO Tomoki Shihara

Your business opportunities will continue to grow. Come to Tokyo now.

Shan Lin Tsai Corporate Message

Tokyo will be further open to the world and change into an attractive city. Up until now, Tokyo has been focusing business on Japanese domestic demands. However, now that people and money from all over the world will flow in, how Tokyo will change is not known. This is why I believe that there is great possibility in Tokyo. There are various developments, including Japanese policy, to turn Tokyo into a world metropolis in Asia. Through our real estate business, we feel that foreigners are flowing into the city. I believe that there will be an increasing number of businesses targeting foreigners in the future. In this sense, there are great business opportunities for foreigners. So please come to Tokyo and let us work together in business.