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Q.Why do you work in Tokyo? = Their Jobs

Q.Why do you work in Tokyo? = Their Jobs

  • Doloksaribu Rolas Timbul

    Doloksaribu Rolas Timbul(SP)

    Doloksaribu Rolas Timbul

    While I have a heavy burden and many objectives to achieve in my work, there are also many opportunities to relax in Tokyo. There are many interesting places and environments in which I can interact with people.
    If I have a problem, we can solve it together.
    There are facilities and media in Tokyo that allow me to express myself.
    So, there is a good work-life balance and it is really fun to work here in Tokyo.


  • Shan Lin Tsai

    Shan Lin Tsai(SP)

    Shan Lin Tsai

    I think the appeal of Tokyo is that I can learn a lot from being in major city home to various people from differing backgrounds.
    I encounter people of various differing nationalities and age groups in my work.
    Each and every way of thinking is different and understanding the background to these is difficult, however doing so broadens my perspective.
    I feel that the major difference between the people working in Taiwan and the people working in Tokyo is the attention to communication. Here in Tokyo I am learning to proceed with my work utilizing polite, detailed communication. As a foreigner working in a Japanese company, I am blessed with the opportunity to meet people from various countries and have many opportunities to develop a better understanding of different cultures. I spend every day here with a desire to gain a competitive advantage for myself in this global society in which various cultures should be understood and respected through international exchange.


  • Dao Yen Vi

    Dao Yen Vi(SP)

    Dao Yen Vi

    I originally envisioned going on to further study in the US, Singapore or Australia after graduating from high school; I only added Japan as my final choice of study destination. At the time, Japan was a very unique country to me. Although not a long distance away from my home country of Vietnam, I felt Japan's economic development and standard of living was overwhelmingly high compared to that of Vietnam and that the cultures of the two countries were completely different. Studying in Japan, a country with an unfamiliar language and culture, was the choice best suited to my spirit of challenge.


  • Le Van Tung

    Le Van Tung(SP)

    Le Van Tung

    I have an interest in the advanced technical capabilities of Japan, so I thought that I could study advanced technology in Japan.
    I'm slowly learning about technology every day and communicating in Japanese, so I feel myself growing.


  • Jin Mingzhu

    Jin Mingzhu(SP)

    Jin Mingzhu

    I first came to know of Japan in my elementary school days, as Japanese manga such as "Saint Seiya", "Dragonball" and "Doraemon" were really popular in my class. After entering junior high school, I began to play basketball inspired by the "Slam Dunk" manga series. I gradually became fascinated with the story of "Slam Dunk" and its characters, and hoped to be able to read the original Japanese version one day. Being able to read the original Japanese version and understand the nuances and the personality of the characters that cannot be expressed or conveyed in the translation makes the manga all the more interesting and enjoyable.
    Now there are various genres of manga lined up on my bookshelves including "One Piece", "Major" and "Kuroko's Basketball", which I enjoy reading when I have free time during my commute or on the weekends. I have realized my little dream.


  • Nakandala Namal

    Nakandala Namal(SP)

    Nakandala Namal

    Tokyo is a cosmopolitan city where we can find new fashion, technology and culture, and by taking in such things, I can gradually improve my lifestyle.


  • Jinhyon Kan

    Jinhyon Kan(SP)

    Jinhyon Kan

    I have emigrated to and lived in many different cities until now.
    There is not one city that I have disliked and I think that is because I have enjoyed many nice encounters in each city. Tokyo may be the world's most attractive city in this sense. I love the Japanese saying of "Ichigo Ichie" (meaning "Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur."), and I think that "encounters" are one of our greatest privileges. So I may want to continue to live in this exciting city full of innumerable encounters.


  • Yuki Chen

    Yuki Chen(SP)

    Yuki Chen

    I longed for Japan since I was a child and liked the idea of living in a fashionable room and riding a bicycle through the city like in a drama.
    Although I was initially very anxious when I finally came to Japan for a working holiday, I managed to get a part-time job offer from the company I now work for. I now work in the design industry I love and the products I have designed can be seen in TV commercials and in stores; I'm so happy that I could cry.
    My work is interesting every day and I also have many things I want to do on the weekend—my life in Japan is so fulfilling that it's like I'm living in a dream. I've also become fully independent living by myself in Tokyo away from my family. I feel as though I'm living life my own way.


  • Kyna Tsai

    Kyna Tsai(SP)

    Kyna Tsai

    I have always had a deep interest in Japan since my days as a student, influenced by my family and the surrounding environment. I also like big cities and fell in love with Tokyo, a modern, stylish city full of diversity, the first time I visited here.
    Japan is another Asian country with a culture similar to that of my homeland, and I experienced very little culture shock when visiting here. That's what triggered me to start studying Japanese.
    I came to Tokyo wanting to broaden my horizons while working and with the idea that if I continued to live here I could gain experience I couldn't obtain in my homeland and I could meet people from all over the world.
    My daily life here in Tokyo is full of challenges and every day feels like a new day.


  • Elfin Yoshua

    Elfin Yoshua(SP)

    Elfin Yoshua

    I decided to work in this creative city of Tokyo, thinking that I would be able to obtain a great deal of experience and inspiration that would prove useful in my homeland in the future.


  • Jin Yuanyong

    Jin Yuanyong(SP)

    Jin Yuanyong

    I studied in Tokyo and had always longed to live there, but a job opening presented itself in Nagoya and I ended up working there for 10 years. However, wanting to live and work in Tokyo, I eventually quit that job and found new work with my current employer in Tokyo.
    I have already succeeded in the first step of finding a job in Tokyo, and I will keep doing my best here to aiming for further growth.


  • Tang Wing Tung Pandora

    Tang Wing Tung Pandora(SP)

    Tang Wing Tung Pandora

    I think that working in Tokyo presents many challenges as well as opportunities to grow from them.
    I deal with both Japanese and foreign customers in my current job, and the way of interacting with them differs; while seniors at the company teach me the proper customer service to afford to our Japanese customers, I have to consider how to deal with foreign customers by myself. I think I can leverage my past knowledge and experience and learn many things. It's a major challenge and sometimes I feel a little timid. However it is something for me to face on my own which provides an opportunity for growth. The foreign business department of my company is a relatively new department, and I think being a founding member developing this department will help my career.
    I love Japan, so I get to experience the things that I like every day while living here. I'm happy that I'm able to enjoy my favorite music, TV and anime whenever I like.


  • Tan Kin Piow

    Tan Kin Piow(SP)

    Tan Kin Piow

    Working in Tokyo is associated with a lot of difficulty and stress, however this is not the case in reality. I enjoy the different challenges I face every day and I feel really confident and proud when I am able overcome these challenges and grow.
    As Japanese is not my native language, I have to be inventive when making presentations to clients so that they are able to acquire an image of the information that I am trying to convey.
    People from different regions in Japan such as Kanto and Kansai also have different cultures and customs, and I think that it's interesting being able to absorb these cultures and customs.


  • Woojin Jeong

    Woojin Jeong(SP)

    Woojin Jeong

    Tokyo is one of the world's biggest cities in which I can meet people of various ethnicities, experience various things and learn of the latest trends before anyone else. It is a city in which I can endlessly grow and challenge myself, and that's why I chose to live and work here.


  • Ko Enshi

    Ko Enshi(SP)

    Ko Enshi

    I want to become a talented person who can play a part on a global scale. I decided to come to Japan to study after I graduated high school in China. I then went to a Japanese language school in China, and a year later, I got accepted to a university in Japan. After I graduated from university, I decided to work in Japan. I want to become someone who can be adaptable not only in China or Japan but on a global scale, and I also want to contribute to the globalization endeavors of my company. To be able to gain knowledge, of course, depends on me, but our surroundings can have a significant effect on the results.
    There are many opportunities in Tokyo, and I can broaden my perspectives through communicating with people from different countries and understanding different values.


  • Nguyen Si Liem

    Nguyen Si Liem(SP)

    Nguyen Si Liem

    When I was a university student, I wanted to study in Japan one day because of the advanced technology and architecture in Japan.
    Out of all places, I was interested in Tokyo as not only the capital of Japan but also as a world-leading city. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a scholarship and had given up on studying in Japan, but I never lost interest in Tokyo.
    While working for SOFTFRONT Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh, I had an opportunity for a three-month training in Tokyo and there, I met some hard-working, devoted and outstanding engineers. When I saw the exceptional quality of the products made in Japan, I had begun to hope to work in Tokyo one day. After I returned to Ho Chi Minh and gained some experience, I found an opportunity to be transferred to the parent company in Tokyo in August 2015. At first, I faced some difficulties in adjusting, but now, I can appreciate the stimulating work environment from working with outstanding engineers. I believe that as long as we continue to work hard and not give up, we can realize anything. I hope to see you challenge yourself as well. I’m cheering for you.


  • Betty Ouchiyama

    Betty Ouchiyama(SP)

    Betty Ouchiyama

    Not only it is a safe city, but the working environment is also very stable and friendly.I am happy with my salary, health insurance and people I work with.


  • Mimat Ritthirak

    Mimat Ritthirak(SP)

    Mimat Ritthirak

    Japan is the world-leader in package design. I chose to live and work in Tokyo in order to acquire valuable experience learning from the industry leaders and realize my dreams.


  • Rubal Md. Bahuddin

    Rubal Md. Bahuddin(SP)

    Rubal Md. Bahuddin

    I want to let those who are thinking of working in Tokyo that it’s a place full of opportunities. You can take an active part in many fields, such as the IT, manufacturing and service industry. Since I was in high school, I imagined building relations between my country and Japan through manufacturing and I realized my dream as a manager here in Tokyo.


  • Khaing San Wai

    Khaing San Wai(SP)

    Khaing San Wai

    I studied in Shizuoka for four years when I first came to Japan after which I thought to myself "where should I find work?" It was then I had the chance to come to Tokyo for the first time. I enjoyed myself in Tokyo and felt happiness seeing the smiles on everyone's faces wherever I went. It was this happiness I experienced during my first visit to Tokyo that ultimately led to my decision to live and work here.


  • Hsin-Tung Chen

    Hsin-Tung Chen(SP)

    Hsin-Tung Chen

    Tokyo seemed like it was full of many interesting things, and that is the reason I chose to work here in order to realize my goal of "expanding my narrow world" I had set prior to coming to Japan. To realize this goal I think I need to meet people who have lived in a totally different environment to me as well as encounter new things I haven't been able to experience before. I thought that Tokyo, which provides an environment in which I can learn about state-of-the-art technology and is a city that people of various backgrounds call home, would be the place where I could achieve my goals.


  • Boku Seigyoku

    Boku Seigyoku(SP)

    Boku Seigyoku

    I majored in accounting in a university in Japan and when I was looking for a job, I wanted to find a job in accounting as well as a job where I can use my Japanese language skills. I’ve been in Tokyo ever since I came to Japan, and I decided to look for a job mainly in Tokyo based on how it’s a convenient and easy place to live.


  • Park Chan

    Park Chan(SP)

    Park Chan

    Tokyo, with all its attractiveness, does not let adventurers get bored of the place. We can enjoy the four seasons, and there are modern towns that reflect the future. It is an exciting city where we can find new world trends and information.

    Most of all, we can enjoy the "game of life" with the numerous individualist friends we can make here.


  • Chako Jacob

    Chako Jacob(SP)

    Chako Jacob

    Opportunity is a time that comes before everyone provided they are wise enough to see it. I knew Tokyo was where I would find my opportunity to grow in terms of both career and personality. Learning the language, customs and meeting people hailing from diverse backgrounds was indeed eye opening. People in the office hold a plethora of experience which helped understand what and where I need to be 5-10 years down the line. The job, not being monotonous, opened up new experiences every day and I was able to align myself with the culture of a Japanese firm.
    On a personal level, I spend my free time actively exploring the city and understanding the rich history that has shaped the country and its people. In this age of technology I am able to connect easily with people and this has helped garner knowledge in the opportunities available to them and how they navigate through their choices, from academia to their professional lives.
    In a few months I hope to become fluent in Nihongo thus being able to work overseas and liaise with Japanese colleagues on new trends and technology in the market.


  • Tommy Yim

    Tommy Yim(SP)

    Tommy Yim

    Think and act extreme! It's better to challenge difficult things at work rather than master the simple things. I'll be happy to reach and go beyond the extreme. Will I discover a new part of myself? Will it be difficult without understanding Japanese? Being able to work in Tokyo has become a major source of encouragement for me.


  • Yang Zhong

    Yang Zhong(SP)

    Yang Zhong

    People from around world come to Tokyo and we can come in contact with various cultures in Tokyo.
    We can learn how to apply the attentive Japanese customer service mindset.


  • Jeong Suhyeon

    Jeong Suhyeon(SP)

    Jeong Suhyeon

    Nothing is impossible in Tokyo, you can find anything here!
    The city is safe and the people are friendly.
    It is possible to meet people from various countries as well as from various parts of Japan and experience different cultures.


  • Shining Tseng

    Shining Tseng(SP)

    Shining Tseng

    It was a big decision for me to stay in Tokyo. Most of my family members were back in Taiwan and Australia. However, I made the decision as I tried to look for a job in Tokyo after my exchange program in Sophia University. I wanted to work in Japan as they have the best reviews from many industries, Japanese people are very careful and are well-trained.
    So I researched into many companies and participated in different interviews. From a foreigner's percpective, there are many branches of international companies in Tokyo. Therefore, I went to different interviews. It was not easy for me, but I didn't give up. Dispite of the challenging condition, I believe that with my languages skills, my mullticultural background, I knew for certain that there will be a place for me somewhere in Tokyo. During the job hunting period, I tried to focus on mobile gaming as it was a thriving industry in Japan.
    In the end, I found the most suitable job for myself where I can use my language skills and multicultural background as well as my accounting and business knowledge in the field of entertainment. Overall, I think everyone will have a hard time finding the perfect job, but afterall, we are finidng a job in a foreign country, interviewing in a complete different language, it is normal to fail a few times.


  • Abdur Rafi

    Abdur Rafi(SP)

    Abdur Rafi

    I want to learn the way Japanese people work and how Japan has built its current economic strength. I like Japanese culture and food. Japan is technologically advanced and I came to Japan to learn the technicians’ way of thinking and approaches.


  • Quan



    Since my student days, I have always wanted to start my own business. I had the chance to work in Tokyo and was surprised that there are many companies here that are over 100 years old. I became interested in Japanese companies because they take care of customers and employees above all else, properly comply with laws and regulations and fulfill their social responsibilities.
    Tokyo is a great place to start a business, thanks to the ease of financing, developed legislative framework and various support provided to start-up businesses. I have been blessed to have encountered various people and succeeded in founding my own company.

  • Ham



    I chose to live and work in Tokyo with the hope of contributing both to my homeland of Korea and my beloved Japan. This has always been my desire even before writing resumes, attending interviews and coming to Japan. It will make me happy if more people want to come to Japan after looking at these words and play the role of a great bridge between Japan and Korea.

  • Hai



    I want to continue to gain a variety of experience in Tokyo.

  • Anh



    I chose to live and work in Tokyo as it is the largest city in the world.
    I want to enhance my own skills by working with top talent.

  • Paul



    Big international cities in Asia such as Tokyo are extremely appealing to me. The most interesting aspect of living and working here is being able to connect with people from various countries as well as experience the latest things such as state-of-the-art technology, etc.

  • Chin



    I experienced many surprises when I first travelled to Tokyo long ago. For example, I saw people walking through the city wearing kimono, and I could never have imagined the size of the shopping streets and department stores. I think that Japanese clothing and the convenience of life here are the best in the world. That's why I want to work in Tokyo.

  • Daniela



    I think Tokyo is an environment in which I can leverage all that I have learned and experienced up to now. I'm also confident that I can challenge new things and enhance my skills. I think primarily using a language other than my mother tongue has been the most difficult challenge I have ever faced.

  • Ari



    Tokyo, as well as being an important economic hub of Asia, is leading the world in terms of business, the arts, culture and lifestyle. It is home to work and lifestyle information and networks and is a city in which I can grow as an international human resource.

  • Ardiahsyah



    Tokyo is safe and easy to commute. Working culture slightly different compare to other cities. Easy and plenty Indonesia food around. Big community of Indonesian which can help when we need. Indnesia enbassy located in Tokyo which have easy access when we need to do paper work.

  • Sarah



    I chose to work in Tokyo as it is a city in which I can freely choose the lifestyle I want to live. I love it here because there are many fashionable stores and miscellaneous goods, the convenient transportation network allows me to easily get wherever I want to go, I can easily get by on my salary as long as I don't splash out on luxuries, and being the capital of Japan, many of my friends from various countries come here for sightseeing.

  • Wu



    1. Many major international companies are based in Tokyo.
    2. Tokyo's geographical location allows me to demonstrate my value as a person fluent in five languages.
    3. Tokyo is close to Taiwan, so I can return home on the weekends.

  • Abdul Syinar

    Abdul Syinar(SP)

    Abdul Syinar

    ・ I wanted to know about the environment and systems in which the Japanese work.
    ・ I wanted to know how Japanese companies trained new employees

  • Chen



    Befor coming have I was working in Taiwan about 7 years.
    Kind of getting tired of the envirorment. University's friend just forworled me this job opening guite different from what done defore so I gave a try ,and then came have.

  • Carina



    I'm interested in language and enjoy studying foreign languages. I became interested in the Japanese language when I first came to Japan for a holiday and decided to major in Japanese studies at university. I like the sound of Japanese, and it's fun to be able to speak it every day and learn new words.

  • Ting



    I worked at PwC Taiwan as an auditor for 4 years and I had a lot of chances to use Japanese while working.
    However, I couldn’t speak Japanese as fluent as a native speaker, sometimes I felt very frustrated.
    Our firm supports us a chance to second to other country and I got this chance to second to Japan, Tokyo office.
    So I’m now working in PwC Japan Tokyo improving my Japanese skill and learn more Japanese culture to help my home firm.

  • Ng



    I have come to Japan many times before on holiday, however only after actually living and working here have I come to develop a better understanding of the Japanese culture and language. I chose to live in Tokyo because it's the most convenient base from which to explore the rest of Japan. I want to continue to travel to the various parts of Japan without forgetting the reason why I came here.

  • Wong



    I have always liked Japan and thought "someday I want to live there!" since I was a child. In order to realize this dream, I majored in Japanese at university and then moved to Japan for further study. I was able to deeply connect with the Japanese culture while studying in Japan, and became fascinated by everything from traditional Japanese culture to pop culture. Since then I have always dreamed of living in Japan, and now I am fulfilling this dream.

  • Tom



    I have loved Japan since I was a child. In fact, my favorite place is Kanazawa. However, in Tokyo I am able to advance my career while experiencing the Japanese culture.

  • Marco



    Tokyo is the center of event, almost all major events in Japan are held in Tokyo.
    Therefore, Tokyo is one of the best place or city to exchange ideas and obtain various kinds of information.
    Besides, Tokyo has Akihabara, the most famous fun place for those who like Japanese anime, manga and games.

  • Xia



    Japan has few natural resources but is able to support its growth thanks to technology, and I want to study Japanese corporate operations and management policies with a focus on this technology. However, the biggest reason is that I feel indebted to the various Japanese who supported me through university and graduate school here in Japan. My dream is to strengthen bilateral relations.

  • Zhang



    I like a lively environment and that's why I love Tokyo, Japan's most lively city and a city that never sleeps. The trains here are really convenient and it's easy to travel anywhere. Living here, I am stimulated by experiencing the latest things, etc., and I think such an environment is conducive to creativity and producing ideas. As there are so many foreigners living here, it is a great environment in which to study foreign cultures. I also love eating the foods from various countries.

  • Tran



    Tokyo is the base of many companies and a hub for information on the latest trends and technology. It is a city providing many opportunities. I took a job in Tokyo wanting to absorb a variety of knowledge and information through my work as well as to take a chance.

  • Rein



    Working abroad is something that all Indonesians long to do. There are many things which I can learn in Japan (Tokyo) and later utilize in my home country which will lead to my further growth.
    As well as learning the Japanese language, I can also experience Japanese culture and the latest technology.
    These benefits I didn't experience in other prefectures will help me advance my career.

  • Indra



    I am thrilled with the mixed Japanese cultures that maintains both authentic and modern into daily life.
    The kindness(politeness) shown by Japanese people are truly implied into everyday life has added infinite value to the culture.
    It’s truly an amazing city to explore and to live.

  • Ali Khan

    Ali Khan(SP)

    Ali Khan

    I was given a scholarship by Oxford University ti study at the Japan University of Economics,JUE offered me a job at their Shibuya campas.

  • Carlos



    A lot of competitor, creative people, amazing mass transportation in the center of productive place such as Chiba, Saitama, Ibaraki, etc.
    A place where all talented people from all over Japan.
    A higher chance for getting a job

  • Latasha



    Being a metropolitan as well as most populated tity in the world. Tokyo is a wonderful place with countless opportunities for youngsters.
    One of the many reasons why I chose Tokyo to work was because it is very safe. I came all by myself from my home country which is India without any fears only because I knew how safe it was, out here.
    Being a student I used to ride the trains from early in the morning to the last train at night working till late hours at my part time job. Not once have I felt scared . I can walk out of my house any time of the day and I know nothing will happen to me, Moving to a new country could be quite an uphill task but I felt quite at ease probably because it was Tokyo and would also encourage other foreigners to come to Tokyo and have a great time.

  • Ryan



    I worked as an English teacher in Nagano for four years and was able to improve my Japanese proficiency during that time. Although my job as an English teacher was extremely fulfilling, I had the dream of "wanting to serve as a bridge between Japan and the US" and wanted to work in a position where I had to utilize both Japanese and English (I wasn't required to use Japanese in my work as an English teacher). I moved to Tokyo because there are companies in Tokyo in which I can utilize my Japanese ability and negotiation skills.

  • Wan Fazween

    Wan Fazween(SP)

    Wan Fazween

    For the past couple of years, we often hear about the rise of employment for foreigners in Japan. At first I did not really acknowledge about the chances that I have as a foreigner in Japan. However, day by day, I realized that there are many possibilities and chances for foreigners in Japan considering the globalization that will take place in the county. With the exposure that I will get in Japan, I feel that it would provide a good medium to grow personally and professionally, and also open more opportunity in the global world.

  • Dwi



    Tokyo Has the most convinience transportation system especially for train. Has city under city because subway train. No need to have private car because the train line is too much and we can easy mobile to other place with many choices. Also for the city Bus, not only convinience but they also provide a lot of service so we can travell around Tokyo in the cheap price

  • Nina



    Originally I just wanted to live anywhere in Japan, not necessarily Tokyo. After living in rural Japan, however, my desire to live in Tokyo at least once in my life grew stronger. Until now I have worked in American companies without the chance to utilize my Japanese and I'm worried about forgetting the language, so I want to work in a Japanese business where I can utilize my proficiency in both Japanese and English.

  • Leung



    Tokyo is the most international city in Japan offering the greatest opportunities, so the competition here is also fierce. For this reason, I feel it is the best place to polish and upgrade my skills and become a truly global human resource.

  • Tsai



    Throught the culture shock, try to experience the difference, to embrace and explore. Transculture makes people be more flexbible and diversified.

  • Yli



    I came to Japan in 2008, as I had relatives living here. I had always been interested in Japanese culture and went on to study in a Japanese university after attending Japanese language school. I had around two years of work experience at an international logistics company in China, but wanted to try working in another industry after graduating from university in Japan. The main reason I chose to work in Tokyo is simply that I like Tokyo. I have lived here for seven years, and it now feels like my second home. It's easy to live here and I have made many friends. My family can also feel at ease because Japan is just a short distance from China (approx. 3 hour direct flight)

  • Yoo



    I think that meeting new people in an unfamiliar place and facing challenges on my own power with the help of the great friends around me is like an adventure.

  • Shi



    I majored in Japanese at university and studied in Japan.
    I came back to Japan wanting to find work in which I could leverage this experience.
    My dream is to contribute to my company by leveraging my experience.

  • Hla Min

    Hla Min(SP)

    Hla Min

    I have various plans: plans to mutually benefit Japan and Myanmar, plans to repay those to whom I am indebted, and plans to enrich my own household. I decided to work in Japan in order to gain various experience and to put these plans into action.

  • Myat Hsu

    Myat Hsu(SP)

    Myat Hsu

    The reason that I choose Tokyo is, in the current day, Tokyo has more wide range of technology trends than my country.
    Thats why, I want to learn what kind of technology used in tokyo at current day. And also I want to get the experience of new technology trends.

  • Yuliya



    Tokyo gives me the opprtunity to work in a multicultural environment that gives great opportunities not only for developing my langauge skills in Japanese, but also provides an atmosphere of mutual growth, where I can show my talent and potential in a new business sphere via my Japanese language proficiency.

  • Yu



    I am able to work with talented people.
    I have enhanced my skills in just a short period of time.

  • Phuong



    "NEW" Tokyo is a completely different environment to me compared to where I came from. Everything here proves to be a new experience which is both challenging and exciting for me at the same time. I am a learner forever, so taking in new knowledge is what I strive for every day.

  • Lady



    Japan is one of the leading players in the global economy. I had this British professor back in college where he truly admires the business ethics of the Japanese. It made me curious and wanted to experience what my professor has told us.
    Moreover, in ASEAN countries, the production process is the most common executed in the area. I wanted to experience the planning and the strategy development stages of the business.

  • Kim

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    I want to build my career not only by utilizing my Japanese language skills and experience, but also from learning Japanese business practice and culture in Japan where it’s the economic center of the world.

  • Lee



    You can enjoy culture from all over the world in Tokyo. You can also eat foods from any country and purchase whatever you want here. People come to Tokyo from all over the world, so you can enjoy interacting with people of various nationalities if you want. It's certainly an exciting city.

  • Rico



    "Bagong Simula" means "new beginning" in English. In choosing to work in Tokyo, I am trying to begin 3 things; ①New challenge; ②New knowledge; ③New Life. I know that working for a Japanese company in Japan is not easy so I want to try a new challenge and work in Tokyo, If I work in Tokyo, I get to meet different people and get to try new things. I want to learn new things even if I’m not a student anymore. With my new life as a 「社会人」, I want to contribute to the society by doing my job and living peacefully here in Tokyo. With the international environment, good transportation system, and peaceful way of life, Tokyo is the best place to start a "Bagong Simula" for me.

  • Nga



    Everyone says Japan is an amazing country. Tokyo in particular is an amazing, convenient city with a great environment. Tokyoites are also kind, passionate and interesting.

  • Siti



    When you say Japan, I think of cherry blossoms. These incredibly beautiful flowers are popular all over the world.
    The cherry blossoms only bloom for around a week, and I love appreciating these cherry blossoms during "Hanami" (cherry blossom viewing) events which are part of the Japanese culture. In addition, my university entrance ceremony and company initiation ceremony coincided with the cherry blossom season, so I associate cherry blossoms with "starting something new". Looking at them gives me new feelings and courage.

  • Siyu



    I've always liked to sing and am a big fan of J-pop, so I can spend hours enjoying karaoke in Tokyo. While can also be fun to enjoy karaoke with friends and colleagues, I think that singing the songs that I want to sing by myself is a great way to relieve stress.

  • Nussha



    Things are around five times more expensive in Japan compared to Indonesia, so I have a pretty high income after exchanging my Japanese salary into Indonesian Rupiah.

  • Quoc



    Tokyo attracts many companies as the capital of Japan, so it's a great place for job hunting with many opportunities for employment in major companies.
    The people here are kind and hospitable.
    I want to learn common knowledge about everyday life and the prices here in Tokyo.
    People in Tokyo speak Hyojungo (Standard Japanese), so I'm able to learn the language correctly and become more proficient.

  • Wyatt



    The Tokyo that many Americans imagine is a futuristic city with various new technology. Basically, it is viewed by Americans as the world's most modern city.

  • Wang



    I studied Japanese for five years and I first came to Japan in 2015 during my summer break, and I began my challenging life on an internship at the head office a transparent Japanese company. As expected, everyone around me spoke Japanese, and my life as a working person began with some nervousness. Tackling business travel and planning as an intern has helped me grow and progress a lot and in the future, I hope to not just visit and do an internship but am hoping for an opportunity to actually work in Tokyo – a place full of opportunities and challenges!

  • Huang



    1. Speaking personally, the trains always arrive on time, so my lifestyle can always run to plan.
    2. In terms of work, I am more punctual and am having less misunderstandings, etc. Japanese are always on time, so work proceeds smoothly.

  • Chen



    I like nutritious and light tasting foods like seafood. Working in Tokyo, I think to myself while eating seafood that someday I would like to have depth like seafood and become a useful human being. Another great thing about seafood is that it's hard to get fat by eating it.

  • Yuzo



    I wanted to express Japan's cleanliness and modern image in a single word, so I chose "fresh".

  • Cui



    I began to study Japanese after entering university. I gradually learned not only Japanese, but also Japanese culture, and came to like the Japanese people. Sadly, China and Japan have had many disputes as a consequence of historical and political issues, however I hope that both countries can put this aside and pave the way for the future of Asia in the 21st century. So, I want to work in Tokyo for the sake of improved bilateral relations.

  • Bui



    The attraction to working in Tokyo is the “challenge”.
    More companies are located in Tokyo than any other city in Japan. Japanese people come to Tokyo from many different place and there are also many foreigners. Therefore, I like the attraction of being able to enjoy as well as challenge myself. To work in Japan, one must use Japanese. While there are still many things that I don’t understand, I am working very hard every day to increase my language proficiency.
    Many different types of people come to Tokyo and work together. At work, I don’t just work, but I also learn about language, cultural, and other differences. Something is happening every day, which I learn from and it is a lot of fun.
    Working in Tokyo is difficult, as is trying to understand things that are in a language and culture different to my own, but I’m still young and I have a very good learning ability. I believe I can earn precious experiences more by me living in Tokyo.

  • Arturo



    In my opinion I think Tokyo is one of the must developed cities where someone can improve their own skills and the most important reason in that my wife is japanese so that is the most important for me

  • Jens



    A word I learned in university became a life concept when I moved to Japan from Germany. From working in Japan as a foreigner, I could gain a better understanding of my own culture as well as other cultures, and I could also acquire international experience. I hope to see people from Germany and other countries that love Japan, and Japanese people who love Germany build an international and cross-cultural world!

  • Dorian



    I want to gain as much experience as possible.

  • Byron



    I am half-Japanese, and many of my close relatives live in and around Tokyo, so the city is very special to me. I wanted to come to the heart of Japan to reconnect with my family, my roots, and myself, while giving back to the country that helped raise me.

  • Steven



    The reason why I first came to Japan as a student is because I wanted to study Japanese. Even if I temporarily have other interests, my interest of Japanese is never-ending because, from the beginning, I wanted to have a better command of Japanese and I want to learn more from the standpoint of the fascination as a language. With any skill, the best way to improve is to be in an environment in which you must use that skill every day, and hence I will continue to work in Tokyo.

  • Yannick



    The meaning of happiness differs according to each person, and for me, finding a place that I belong is one of them.
    I think a place where we belong isn’t just about the place itself but includes other factors, such as work, society, career, culture, friends and so on. And I found Tokyo as the place I belong.

  • Wong



    I think that Japan is a stimulating country but at the same time a conservative one. While Japan upholds its tradition, culture and history, it also seeks something new and creative all the time. It’s a highly creative country and also produces innovative ideas. I respect the attentiveness of the Japanese people and I am working in Japan because I want to learn Japan’s ability to produce world-leading products through its creativity and renowned ideas.

  • Lana



    I came to Tokyo in September 2013 with the initial intention of staying for only three months. I had a short contract working at a university and planned to spend time travelling in Japan after it had come to an end. Eventually, I decided that three months was not enough and made the decision to stay!

  • Cui



    At first, I ended up studying in Japan because my family lives here. After I graduated university, I gained some experience at a Japanese company, and I think that that experience will be beneficial to me when I start my own business.

  • Myint Tun

    Myint Tun(SP)

    Myint Tun

    I studied Japanese in my home country and if I were to study abroad, I wanted to study in Japan, as the culture is closest to ours. I’ve been in Tokyo ever since I came to Japan so I thought that if I were to work in Japan, I’d work in Tokyo where there are many Japanese companies. I studied in Japan for five years and because I wanted to gain work experience in Japan, I decided to work for a Japanese company.

  • Wong



    There are still many new things and things I don't know; I want to discover them all. I want to challenge new things.

  • Samariddin



    Tokyo is a place where I can advance myself. It also allows me to find, display and express my abilities, as well as gives me the chance to let my hidden abilities be discovered and seen.

  • Kim



    Japanese culture is similar to Korean culture and I don’t feel much discomfort. I’ve been interested in Japanese music since I was in junior high school and it’s nice being able to go concerts and apply my IT skills I specialized in. Also, I like the food and fashion, so it’s a perfect place for me.