Kyna Tsai(status)

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  • Age15

    I became interested in Japan through watching Japanese dramas and variety shows.
  • Age16

    I first came to Tokyo on a family trip during my summer vacation. I decided to study Japanese as I had come into contact with the language in many occasions.
  • Age23

    I came to Tokyo on a working holiday program. I wanted a job where I could use my language skills, and I also found the international and flexible corporate culture of UZABASE very appealing.
  • Age24

    Present day


Come to Tokyo where you can find warm encounters and a lifestyle that suits you.

Kyna Tsai message

To live alone abroad was a difficult challenge for us. Even though we have to be away from our family, sometimes get homesick, and face financial difficulties, learning to overcome these obstacles can make us grow, and gradually become independent. Tokyo is a place where one can feel the warmth of the coexistence with traditional culture. I hope that everyone can find a suitable lifestyle in Tokyo.

I am engaged in work that is very in nature as we collaborate with various foreign partner companies.

Kyna Tsai Job description

At UZABASE, we develop an information platform called SPEEDA which can collectively obtain various economic information, such as company financials, stock prices data, and trends in over 550 industries from 180 countries. I am in charge of the partner companies in Sri Lanka and India. Since I consign data acquisition work, my task is to teach our partners how to obtain accurate data and input that data into SPEEDA. Because I cannot meet the partners in person, it is important to build a strong relationship of trust with them. We mainly have meetings on Skype and I sometimes have difficulties relaying what I want to say. In such situations, I try to resolve it through various ways, for example, explaining by capturing the screen and sharing it. No matter how busy I am, I always make sure that I take a coffee break at 4pm with my co-workers, and talking over our favorite coffee is a good way to take a break.

It’s not just about acquiring various skills but also the sense of multiculturalism.

Kyna Tsai Attractive to work in Tokyo

I think a merit to work in Tokyo is that we can interact with people from all over the world and that I can learn new culture and perspectives. That isn’t just about learning Japanese business etiquette, practice, and skills, but is to acquire the awareness and the sense of multiculturalism. For example, we will encounter situations where we need to communicate with people who speak different languages and have different backgrounds. I believe that one of the benefits of working here is that through this experience, I am always able to be empathetic. I was also surprised at the flextime shifts. In Taiwan, it’s not a very common practice and to be able to manage our own working hours and even work at home when needed is a new concept to me, and I am utilizing flextime shifts to suit my personal life as well.

I became interested in Japan through Japanese variety shows and have been actively studying Japanese ever since.

Kyna Tsai Background and up to work in Tokyo

My country, Taiwan, has good relations with Japan and there are many things that always remind us of Japan. When I was a student, I liked watching TV and there was a channel that showed Japanese variety shows, dramas and movies. I became interested in Japan while watching these TV programs, and I had an opportunity to visit Tokyo on a family trip during my summer vacation when I was in the 10th grade. It was my first trip to Japan, and Tokyo, and I was very surprised at how clean the city was. Also, the city of Tokyo was exactly the same as I saw in the dramas. I really wanted to be able to speak Japanese after I had come into contact with the language in many occasions. After this trip to Japan, I started to take Japanese classes. The classes were once a week, and I studied hard for three years for my strong wish to come to Japan. In those three years, I had an opportunity to go on an exchange program to Doshisha University for a year. After I graduated, I came to Japan in June 2014 on a working holiday program. I applied to UZABASE because not only could I utilize my language skills but I was also impressed by the international and flexible corporate culture, and after an extensive selection process I was hired as a full time employee in January 2015. I am currently working at the head office in Ebisu, Tokyo.

A place that tolerates and accepts everyone is what I think makes Tokyo attractive.

Kyna Tsai Attractive to live in Tokyo

Tokyo is a very exciting city and there’s so much to experience. For example, Western cultural events, such as Halloween and Christmas are big events in Tokyo. These events are bigger than they are in Taiwan and I make the most out of them. I dressed up as a beer stein this Halloween and it was a lot of fun. I think Tokyo is a place that accepts everybody and is very diverse. Just looking at fashion alone, there are many stylish people in Tokyo. We can also see people with individualist and unique styles. Even if people are dressed in a way that would be stared at if it were in Taiwan, people in Tokyo appreciate individualism, and I think such acceptance is wonderful. I am currently living in a shared house with 20 others, and I think that a shared house as big as this being possible is a reflection of the diversity embraced in Tokyo. I also get to experience great things about Japan through my Japanese friends. The other day, my friend made me a traditional Hokkaido meal and it was delicious! Being surrounded by such friends is another great thing about Tokyo.

Interviews with Corporations

Co-CEO Yusuke Umeda

We are now in an era where diverse human resources are needed, and all companies are looking for you!

Corporate Message

Since the time our company was founded with five employees, we have been working to build an organization that maximizes on the diversity of human resources. And it is this diversity that has been supporting the company’s growth. We’ve been engaged in launching our overseas business for the last two years, and from the frontline business to the development of SPEEDA within Japan , talented foreign members have been working to localize one-stop service. This has led to realize improved performance and I think they have made a significant contribution. Tokyo is currently overflowing with opportunities. The manufacturing and IT age is being replaced by “people” as the new competitive advantage. In this world of globalization, I believe that companies that first accomplish diversification will be the top companies. We are still in a transition period, so there is no doubt that many companies are looking for people like you. Even for us, there’s nothing more pleasing than to see more talented foreign members coming to Tokyo. I look forward to continue meeting talented members!