Hsin-Tung CHEN(status)

Hsin-Tung CHEN


  • Age10

    Watched Japanese anime and was impressed with the details and profoundness. Wanted to know more about Japan and
    this is when I wanted go to Japan for the first time.
  • Age14

    Watched a basketball game between Taiwan and Japan, and became a fan of one of the Japanese players.
    Wanted to find others who also liked this player and started an internet message board, which increased my knowledge of IT.
  • Age17

    Went to a university in Taiwan until I was 21. Majored in accounting at university. As both my parents are accountants, I naturally liked calculation.
  • Age22

    Came to Japan to study. Enrolled in a technical school and majored in IT.
    Studied programming hard in Japan, which has advanced IT technology, and that paved the way for me to become an IT professional.
  • Age23

    Mastered Japanese in one year that I have studied by myself. Tried to put myself in an environment surrounded by Japanese language and always communicate with Japanese people. I still remember that I was moved by the encouraging letters from my Japanese friends.
  • Age27

    Joined Sekai Lab immediately after graduating. Providing the best services to customers together with my wonderful co-workers.


It's my dream to bring smiles to many people in Tokyo.

Hsin-Tung CHEN message

Please first come to Tokyo just to have fun. You might feel confused, but your concerns will be eliminated soon after experiencing the kindness of people in Tokyo. I was also confused initially. However, now being surrounded by various kinds of people and environments, I am able to live a stimulating life everyday. My dream is bring as many smiles as possible to society. I would like to realize my dream together with the greatest friends in Tokyo.

I am learning from customers and growing as an adult everyday in Tokyo.

Hsin-Tung CHEN Job description

I'm supporting our sales team as a Web director. My mission is to propose Web services that move our customers. When business meetings are around the corner, I work until the last train to make proposal forms. To make good proposals, it is essential to have good communication with customers. Internal team work is essential to take well polished proposals. It is important to sincerely support detailed requests from customers to build trust. Sometimes customers get angry and tell us that our proposal is not interesting. Of course it is disappointing when my proposals, which I put so much effort into, are not appreciated. However, I try to use it as a springboard for further growth and thoroughly consider the points to be improved. We will be respected by our customers by taking time to make proposals that meet their requirements. I am working hard with the belief that I will approach my work goal of becoming a leader for new projects by accumulating each of these experiences.

I have many co-workers in Tokyo who can compete with each other.

Hsin-Tung Attractive to work in Tokyo

Tokyo is synonymous with Japan and a place where you can meet many kinds of people and close friends. My co-workers are from various countries in the West and Asia. While there are times that I am confused by the differences in culture, I have also learned a lot from these differences. For example, I have an American co-worker and he has a complete on and off switch for work and days off. He always sets work deadlines for himself and never puts off tasks, and I think this is a brilliant attitude. Everyone at work is very friendly, open, and speak their minds including this American co-worker. I think it is extremely important to have co-workers to speak out honestly to establish smooth relationships. In spite of different nationalities, it is important to bind our minds together to improve the organization. It is an asset cultivated in Tokyo to aim for growth of the surrounding environment and the entire company without getting hung up on only individual achievement.

It is essential for me now to keep trying and meeting new people in Tokyo.

Hsin-Tung CHEN Background and up to work in Tokyo

When I was in junior high school, I watched Japanese anime and was moved by their detail. I always thought that there were many brilliant people in Japan and was a country filled with technologies and ideas. There was a basketball player in the Japan national team that I liked and I started using the Internet to find others who were her fans. Since then, I became interested in Web development and challenged myself in Japan, which has advanced IT technologies. Although I started going to a local university, I always wanted to try different environments and improve my skills in more stimulating surroundings. Upon graduation, I decided to go to Japan without any hesitation. I thought that it was the best option for me to select Japan, a leader in Asia, to make my dream come true. Tokyo is the capital of the leading country, Japan, and where brilliant people gather. I didn't even look back and jumped into the city. I did not go to a language school and instead tried to communicate with many Japanese people. While I made so many mistakes, I successfully acquired Japanese. My method might look outrageous, but you get rewarded for what you did and can grow as you put in effort in Tokyo, and there is a culture that supports your growth. Now it is my turn to realize my dream in Tokyo and return the favor to the city.

Tokyo is a place with many friends and smiles.

Hsin-Tung CHEN Attractive to live in Tokyo

I go drinking with my co-workers, Americans, Germans and Japanese, after work, which is an important custom and we all communicate in Japanese. Everyone loves eating fried chicken and tamagoyaki (Japanese-style omelet) at izakayas. Sometimes I feel a bit strange, but it's a very delightful and unique of aspect of Tokyo that different cultures interact. Tokyo indeed fits the term "global". Besides hanging out with my friends, I like watching TV at home very much. In addition to dramas and animes, I have been infatuated with the TV comedy show "Shoten" recently. Japanese people love playing word games and I think it is wonderful to make people laugh with delicate expressions. Sometimes there are unspoken and very deep meaning behind words and I am always moved. In Tokyo, many people are busy working and I hope to see more smiles. I would like to make people smile through words. Another thing I am moved about Japan besides the language is the kindness of Japanese people. When crossing intersections, drivers naturally stop in Japan. One does not see this in Taiwan or other Asian countries either. It's definitely a positive to my life that I feel diversity and good traditional aspects of Japan in this busy city Tokyo.